We offer a free standard listing for 365 days on our platform, Which offers premium addons at no cost, Our paid plan is for featured listings and advertising on our platform also you can list more than 1 listing on a single account.
We offer 2 paid packages that benefit your business, both offer the same solutions just at a different volume, So if you are looking to load 2 or more listings at a 6 month basis advanced is for you. If you want to load 5 listings at a 12 month period Premium is the best fitted package because you get all benefits in 1 package.
Simply go to add a listing and create your business listing select the free package or paid package and checkout or you can simply go to your account and register an account on our platform.
Yes we have built our platform for google page indexing and some backlink UR and DR performance. We want local businesses to grow and perform excellent.
Featured listings are your business listings which get boosted on top of the page based on search results and keywords used.
Yes they do still exist, Directories are very powerful tools for businesses going digital and wanting to make a impact on impressions. We focus on these powerful tools.
Any platform that creates or boosts traffic can also create a good lead platform for listings, We want people to find local businesses on our platform and keep it clean and remove scams from the platform. That’s why we created a bulletproof get verified system to follow.