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Intergrate a refferal link between your website and ours to increase follow backs between your business and your listing profile. To increase your backlink follow backs you can use 3 types of follow backs, Verified SA Directory of your profile link on the footer, Iframe of your profile on SA Directory or Page with all your links from SA Directory with your profile link.


You can use an iframe of your SA Directory listing and insert the iframe into your website, this will allow follow backs from the directory to your website and from your website to the SA Directory ( Listing Profile).

All links to your website and profile are friendly backlinks and can stack up to 2 links. We don’t do any more than 5 links, We focus more on verified businesses and links of the profiles to give you a boost with your website.


Use our verified logo, SA Directory wants to focus on all businesses so making your business verified gives you the best value for free. Most B2B companies check you business out our SA Directory gives all the info required to give them the peace of mind they need.